Cooluli Skincare Mini Refrigerator for Bedroom – Car, Office Desk and Dorm Room – Portable 4L/6 Cans, Electric Food Cooler and Warmer,

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Cooluli Skincare Mini Fridge for Bedroom – Car, Office Desk & Dorm Room – 4L / 6 Cans Portable Electric Cooler & Heater for Food, Drinks, Beauty & Makeup – 12V AC/DC & USB Exclusive Option, Pink
CONVENIENT + LIGHTWEIGHT: The Cooluli Classic 4-litre thermoelectric heated mini fridge has a matte finish and a modern profile that’s perfect for portability. This device measures: 7.25″ W x 10.25″ D x 10.75″ H and weighs 4 lbs. Internal dimensions: 5.3″ L x 5.7″ D x 8.3″ H
MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS + USE: The Classic 4-L is very versatile. Use it anywhere to store food, drinks, beer, snacks, breast milk, insulin, skin care products and medicines.
PERFECT FOR SKIN CARE AND BEAUTY: Store your favorite skin care, personal care and beauty products! From moisturizers to masks… from serums to creams… and everything in between!
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: The unique semiconductor technology is energy efficient, quiet and 100% environmentally friendly.
AC + DC + USB: Cooluli Classic-4L covers all your bases! The kit includes AC and DC power cords for indoor or outdoor use, and a USB cable for maximum flexibility.